Behind Instant Hotel

Inside The Cave

Check out all the Behind the Scenes Images and Videos of our experience in Coober Pedy. Have never been before and so happy it was clicked off the bucket list.

Portsea Rookies

This is our Instant Hotel. As the Rookies of the competition, we really had no idea what were in for. Basically, no gear and no idea! We had an incredible time hosting our first ever guest. Enjoy a walk through the exploded rainbow.

Clubbing in the Mountains

You would think Misty Mountain sounds somewhat of a Retreat? Negative. Surrounded by incredible wildlife and nature is a disco dancing nightclub. Gene and Sharon are the perfect description of either life balance or a contradiction? Regardless, best night sleep I have ever had! Ps - mattress was a DreamMaker (nosp)

Sunshine Penthouse

The view from heaven! One of the best locations and Instant Hotels there is on the market! Juzzy Wuzzy and Debbie really got us with those seals! Cant wait to stay there again soon.


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